A fish story

This is a true story. It happened to me in college. Perhaps you would like some background. Perhaps you want to know what it is about.

It is about sexual discrimination in our schools. It starts small. In junior high, I was called on less then the boys. My hand would wave for hours, because I knew the answer. The teacher would wait for one of the boys to come up with one. He said it was because he "knew" I had the right answer. Then the boys could go to the computer lab during class. Being young and not knowing better, I let it drop. Then I got to college. I signed up for freshman writing.

The first assignment was to write a paper about something you feel strongly about. I am against banning things...abortion in particular. While I feel abortion is morally wrong, who am I, or the goverment for that matter, to tell people they can't do it. I feel that they will do it anyway and risk killing themselves in the process. It should be safe. I wrote a beautiful paper saying abortion should be legal, and the last paragraph said I personally felt it was wrong and it would never be my choice. The professor and I had a confernce to discuss my paper. He said that it was too unfocased. He said to support it through out the paper and say you are against it was confusing. (I say he just couldn't wrap his little brain around it.) Then he went on to suggest I write about something I know more about... like goldfish.

There are moments in your life that determine who you are. Deciding to write this paper and submit it regardless of the grade I was going to get is one of them. It was something I felt I had to say. I am so proud of it I had to post it here for all to see.

And finally... Goldfish in the Writing Assignment.