to my newest house hold member

On Friday June 25th 2000, I picked up the newest addition to my life. Above is a picture of the kitten that Emmy is intent on intimidating. Fortunatly, he is a Maine Coon Cat, and does not care one iota for Em's status. I am hoping they will get along, but I will settle for the kitten not becoming Emmy food. Things seem to be progressing a lot easier than I though. Emmy is quite possesive of her territory, and I didn't think it would work out well at all. It seems that as long as the kitten leaves Em alone, there will be peace in the house hold.

I had the hardest time coming up with a name for my kitten. I have several possiblities. Muffin (which I wasn't planning on, but just came about because I had nothing else to call him when she tried to get away) Ollie, Trouble, Harmony (I once took in a stray that looked very much like my kitten. I named the stray Melody. She was quite sick and I had to put her down. Maybe when I am stronger, I will post that story) Names usually come to me though. After a while something sticks out, and that is what I go with. It took me a month to name Emerald, and two to name Tobin, my rabbit. UPDATE!!! Ollie won. I really like the name, and it seems to fit him well. I often call him muffin.. but Ollie won out. He is now five months old, and just as long as Emmy is.

He likes to play with my microphone, and he HATES being stuck in the cage we have put him in for her safty when we can't watch him and Em. He is VERY playful, and can't seem to help himself when something moves. He also likes to attack harmless toes. :) UPDATE!! He also loves to watch the toilet flush, and play in the sink and watch me take showers. He still loves toes, and sitting next to my computer. He sleeps with me at night by my feet, and hangs all over Emmy. The first night he spent out of the cage he spent it in the closed bedroom, and didn't have an accident. I was very impressed. He is very fastitus, and really darn cute. He LOVES to walk around carring his toys in his mouth. One of his favorites is some old hair curlers of mine. He also loves to jump up on the bathroom sink and nock over my contact case.. arrrgh! :)

Below are a few pictures. Feel free to click on them to see them full size.

UPDATE!! 1-31-01 Ollie is now almost two, and is still just as playful as ever. He has given up on the toilet, but loves to watch the shower curtian when someone showers, and to sit on the edge of the tub between the shower curtians. He also shows signs that when he is older he is going to be a wonderful lap cat. He jumps up on my lap sometimes, and sticks his head under my hands, as if asking to be patted, and will sit there for a while. He HATES to be groomed - with a passion.. so much so that during one episode I was bleeding from sevral different places... we are now getting him professionally groomed. His first appointment is next week.. wonder how well that is going to go over! Ollie is not a good kitty. I got two hamsters for christmas.. now I only have one. I can't keep him away from the cage that has the other one in it. Emerald does, why can't Ollie?? ::rolls eyes:: Em and Ollie get along well together. Ollie takes on a lot of Em's traits... like being afraid of people when they come in the house.. and playing with the light from a flashlight or a lazer pointer. Also the need to get my attention when im on the computer.. (but I think that is a cat thing in general) He still loves to play with things I bought him a ton of jingly bells, and he carries them around the house in his mouth too. I got him a foam ball, and it keeps getting stuck on his claw.. its a riot.. :)

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