Little Known Fact About Me!

Lookie What I Can Do!!!

Do you like it? It is yours.
Want a link from this page to yours so people can see you apprecate my talent.. Just let me know!

As you can see.. I have an unusal talent. I can write backwards, as easly as alot of people write forwards. I am currently working on writing cursive. I am getting really good at it too!!

Some one once asked me when I learned such a skill. My reply was "High School" I was often bored in High School. I was one of those really annoying kids who never had to take notes and was always on the honor roll. I could see the annoyance in the teachers eyes if I would just sit there, so I would write notes to my friends, pretending to take notes. But once again.. I have another annoying habit of writing really fast.. thus allowing me to write all my freinds, four and five pages notes.. and class wasn't even over yet.. let alone the next class.. I mean there is only so much you can say to a friend in one day.. I started to try to write with my left hand (I am right handed) that wasn't much of a challenge.. So.. I started writing backwards..

I found a journal that was required in English class the other day.. The teacher didn't care what we wrote.. as long as we wrote a certian amount for the quarter. A lot of that journal was backwards.. (talk about your trouble makers!!) the other half of what remaind was in Spanish (Please don't ask me what it says..*giggle*)

When I first showed this jpg to a friend.. they thought I created it by "flipping" it on my scanner. I can assure you that this is not the case.. This is my one and only UNIQUE talent

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